Astrology readings

Astrology readings

“The wisdom of ancient star and planetary history, often known through myth, speaks volumes to each one of us. We can take this unique ‘map’ we are born with, apply this as a lens, and peer through to behold multitudes of dimensions of vast proportions.”

Are you more akin to Sunshine or Moonlight?
Which elements of nature help you feel most at home?
What is your mission, your calling, your spark of Life?

Astrology in my life & practice

When I was first offered an astrology consultation, I seriously considered whether to dive in or not. Would this mystical technique align with my christian background – would it control who I am, or pre-determine something about me I have no choice in? And, is it seperate from God / Goddess / the Divine?

These questions were rooted in stability and wisdom. I quickly realised that I needed to protect myself, but not so much from astrology, more so from the whims we can so easily get lost in; religious followings, mass illusions etc.

I wasn’t interested in joining something which might limit me, but rather something which would unleash and unfurl me more ecstatically in my Soul’s truth.

Taking a shower (hint, the nurturing qualities of water!) I realised this: this map of all the heavenly planets, asteroids and sensitive points occuring at my birth, were what I chose for myself. I chose this in Love, in pre-incarnation,

“It was a pattern, a code, a frequency which most accurately resonated with my calling for this life, and would support me the very most in fulfilling all my heart truly longs for”…

It is a dance of union, not a fight. It is bliss and synchonicity. And, awakening to this cosmic map, embues me with deeper intimacy not only myself, but with all that is, our shared existence. In turn, this union would allow me to step in tune more easily, to hear the harmonies all around me, and instill a deep knowing within.

Welcome to You…

What you can expect from Astrology with me:

The Astrology I provide is rooted in my passion for transformational healing, inspired by my teacher – a Shaman and Counsellor - and continues to evolve through studies of Ancient Astrology, psychology, archetypes, herbalism & nutrition and the role of Goddess feminine consciousness.

We can involve so many juicy themes in our session, such as:

  • Lunation cycles; how our moon phase influences our peaks/troughs of energy, menstruality, phases of letting go and rebirth, emotional wellbeing, addictions, maternal nurture, our lineage, and much more

  • The womb; through the lens of Juno, an asteroid, symbolising ‘Yoni’ and sacred union, as well as through the Moon and Black Moon Lilith

  • Self-love; illuminating our weaknesses to empower our capacity to return to Love, through Venus and her venusian spiral through the chart. Observing her in connection with Saturn can also be a helpful exercise

  • Shadow and light; what is hidden in the deep recesses of the psyche, portrayed through planetary and asteroid patterns, how might the star map be well suited to support our release of repressed tension, and reunite both hell and heaven?

  • Gems of the ancient feminine; we receive the whispers of our past, held in myth and imagery, contained within the archetypal realm which many asteroids speak to… shall we retrace our story through the Cosmos?

My life has guided me on a unique journey of 10+ years of devoted spirituality and initiatory training, very much rooted in my experiences of challenge, pain and gentle overcoming. I am nourished by an authentic faith, wild cross-cultural adventures, esoteric musing, yogic experiencing, and ancient connection with the land.

Read more about me and my background here.

“Each aspect, each thread of our origins, each spark of life, is contained not only within our psyche, the makeup of our personality, but also within our cells, bodies and physical reality.”

Training & Qualifications relevant to Astrology Counselling

  • 2 years learning from my teacher, Lalita Karoli (mentioned above) – I was so impacted by my first astrology reading with her that I went on to study with her. I have completed 2 courses online, as a beginner, and more intermediate onward practice, with further 1:1 online study.
  • Ongoing courses with Demetra George (currently in Advanced Astrology & Mysteries of the Dark Moon) Lalita was taught by Demetra George, a well-known leading Astrologer, and she helped bring the emerging Goddess Asteroid work into the mainstream: reuniting feminine qualities to a fairly masculine dominated modern astrological system. Hooray!
  • Various mini-courses/workshops on topics such as Psychological Astrology, the Venus Star, Medical Astrology.
  • A course in Astro-Herbalism by the School of Evolutionary Herbalism. This is such a richly in depth look at magical alchemy, herbalism and astrology combined, as a tool to provide healing counsel to clients: bridging heaven and earth, literally. I absolutely love how this course brings the cosmic down to earth.
  • This year, 2021, I’m embarking on a qualification of Nutritional Therapy & Naturopathy with the School of Nutrition & Naturopathy (UK). This is a wonderful interweaving of nutrition, astrology (especially lunar cycles and seasons for treating health issues), and effective techniques for empowering the body in detoxing, and self-healing.
  • I have past professional experience in social work, 1:1 client support in charitable organisations (British Refugee Council, European NGOs, overseas humanitarian projects).