About Emeline - following full piece
About Emeline - following full piece

My journey springs from heartful communion with God from a young age, which guided me on an experience of Christianity through my early twenties. As I soaked in the unconditional love of Spirit, I unfurled into the wide open space of the Cosmos. I began to spiral through an intense process of remembering myself, and my interconnection with all that is. My world was rocked upside down. This expansion opened my eyes to our starry radiance, as well as the weight of shame and taboo within our souls.

From thereon I researched the history of civilisations, spiritual lineages along with ancient practices from Egypt, Atlantis and deep connections with Lemuria. My dreams awakened my heart to the vast passages of time and space, contained within the very moment. I began to realise my role across many time frames, carrying wisdom for the healing of our wounds. Truly our healing is to reunite with who we are, with our heartfelt communion with all that is.

And here I am now, moving in and out between reconnection and fear. That day by day process of slowly loving ourselves back to life. Held in the support of the All, as we remember our dance in the heart of Love!

My partner, Jonny, and I recently moved to Totnes (from St Albans, London). We abolutely love it here! Perhaps because I was born in Devon, I feel easily at home among the rolling hills, and a gentler pace to life.

One of my favourite things is having the freedom to simply walk out and be immersed in nature. I love to run, to walk, to go wild swimming in the river, and soak in the sea air. Also: time alone or time spent with close friends, especially when it involves making super nutritious foods (imagine cakes suffused with super-foods, or colourful salads, baked pies…) and settling into deep chats on soulful topics, considering naratives at play, or envisioning a beautiful future of our communities.

Both Jonny and I have a shared dream, as I feel most of us do, to create land-based living, a homestead, and a nearby hub for local wellness activities and community building. I’m pretty sure you’re envisioning very similar things if you’ve read this far. There are so many of us, all around the planet, sharing this dream, cultivating it step by step…


Thank You for You!